THE VES team

We are a small and academic team with focus on research and education to advance the Visible Ear Simulator and disseminate temporal bone simulation to training institutions world wide.

Peter Trier Mikkelsen, Msc

Lead Developer

MSc in Computer Science, medical science PhD student and real-time 3D programming expert. Been developing VES and interactive applications for 20 years.

Mads sOElvsten soErensen, md, Dmsc

Lead surgeon

Professor emeritus in otopathology and experienced with advanced surgical otology. Conceived the VES and the Visible Ear data material.

steven a. W. Andersen, MD, PhD

Head of research

Senior researcher and senior resident in Otorhinolaryngology. Medical educationalist and researcher in surgical skills training, assessment, and patient-specific simulation.

Andreas frithioff, md, phd


Postdoc and junior resident in Otorhinolaryngology. Did his PhD on 3D-printed temporal bone models for mastoidectomy training. Currently works on automated clinical decision support in cholesteatoma imaging and patient-specific simulation of cholesteatoma.

Anders noehr, md


PhD-student and senior resident in Otorhinolaryngology. Researches gamification and certification of VR simulation training of mastoidectomy using the VES.

collaborators & acknowledgements

The Visible Ear Simulator project is grateful for past and present support by different institutions, funders, and collaborators, who have all contributed to making VES a high-quality tool for temporal bone surgeons and trainees.