VES system requirementS

  1. VES runs on Windows only, (sorry Mac and Linux users).
  2. VES experience is reliant on smooth graphics, so VES needs a dedicated graphics card to run without lag. VES runs only on Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics cards.
  3. Haptic drilling (i.e., drilling with force feedback) requires a Geomagic Touch haptic device. We tried to make a mouse version but it does not provide a satisfactory drilling experience. Contact 3D systems directly to find a local reseller in your country. Remember to install the latest version of the haptic driver from 3D systems.
  4. VES can be downloaded as academic freeware. Install the software including the dependencies that will launch automatically during the install.

Recommended system SPECS

For the best user experience, we recommend acquiring a PC/laptop system with the following minimum specifications:

CPU: Core i5-i7 / AMD Ryzen 7 or better
RAM: 32GB or more
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 3070 RTX or better
OS:    Windows 10-11 (64 bit)

Minimum system SPECS

VES might also run on older PC systems that have these minimum specifications, but we cannot guarantee the user experience or that future versions of VES will continue running:

CPU:  Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 5
RAM: 16 GB
GPU:  Nvidia Geforce 1060 RTX or better.
OS:    Windows 8-10-11 (64 bit)

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